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How to Support WHPY
WHPY is a listener supported Christian radio station. We depend on the support of our listeners to stay on the air. Gifts to WHPY are tax deductible.

If you would like to support WHPY, write or call us at:

911 W. Main St.
P.O. Box 535
Clayton NC 27520


Being listener supported means that WHPY is kept on the air through donations by faithful listeners who believe in Christian Radio.

Each Spring and again in the Fall, WHPY will set aside one week of broadcasting for annual Share-A-Thons. These special weeks are mostly live broadcasts featuring men and women volunteers who talk to our listeners about the importance of Fundamental Christian Radio. Share-A-Thon offers several options for all listeners to pledge support. WHPY is a nonprofit organization, so all pledges are fully tax deductible.


WHPY, Fellowship Christian Radio, would like to extend to you an invitation to become part of the WHPY GIDEON 300.

The WHPY GIDEON 300 are fellow listeners who would like to support a day of broadcasting. With a gift of $200 you become part of the WHPY GIDEON 300. This gift of love can recognize a special day, Birthday, Anniversary, or any day you choose.

As one of the WHPY GIDEON 300, you will receive a beautiful certificate inscribed with your name and special day of broadcasting, that you may display in your home or business. On the day of broadcasting, it will be announced throughout the day that it was made possible through your gift of love.

If you would like to be one of the WHPY GIDEON 300 and set aside your special day of broadcasting, please call (919) 553-6774 or 1-800-876-9061.


Businesses providing grants to WHPY may choose to underwrite certain segments of programming. In return, WHPY will provide an acknowledgment over the air that has been tailor-made for your business. The number of acknowledgments aired per month depends upon the amount of the grant. By providing grants to WHPY Fellowship Christian Radio, you will receive frequent acknowledgment for your business and provide help and encouragement to many thousands of people as well. The number of acknowledgments per specific grant are listed below:

    Grant Amount Per Month        Acknowledgments Aired Per Month
           $   50.00                            10
           $  100.00                            22
           $  150.00                            35
           $  200.00                            49

The Christian Radio audience is a missed market by other radio stations, and one that should not be overlooked. WHPY believes that Christian radio listeners support businesses that underwrite Christian radio broadcasting. You'll find considerable savings in underwriting as opposed to commercial advertising, not to mention, all grants are tax-deductible. In addition, your business will enjoy wide exposure in our unique Christian market.